A very warm welcome and Namaste
on the website of Sang Sangai e. V.!

„Sang Sangai“ in Nepali means „together“. We cannot achieve anything alone – only together. That’s the motto of this association, whose supporters have set themselves the goal of providing tools to people in Nepal to make their future a bit brighter – unbureaucraticly, individually and flexibly. The donations will be used in a way Nepalese women, men, children, families, businesses and organizations need, not how we in the West think, it was right.

That guarantees the chief of the Executive Board Ajit Laxman Dhakal, a native Nepalese living in Bavaria, Germany, with his great love for his country and his people, and the group of young, dedicated, motivated Nepalis that founded the partner charity of Sang Sangai e. V. in Kathmandu. Become one of our convinced supporters from all over the world – for a better future in Nepal!

In our statutes, we are committed to supporting people in Nepal with helping people help themselves. Specifically, this means: Our activities are 1. financial donations to needy families and individuals in Nepal – this includes the sponsorship of school-age children; 2. financial donations and implementation of projects for the (re-) construction of public and religious buildings in Nepal; 3. the implementation of projects for the protection of nature and environment in Nepal.

For further information in English please contact us on info@sangsangai.org .